Cognoscible Technologies

This discipline allow us to discover the way we think, create and learn something, including how we are doing that.

Starting from the scientific discoveries of Biology of Cognition (Humberto Maturana) where both the reality outside and the subject inside are constructions of the organism, during last 20 years Miguel Ferrada Gutiérrez was giving shape to such series of disciplines of science and knowledge of the East and the West:

In science, it converted into 2 international scientific awards: InnoCentive 2006 (USA) and INNOVAR 2007 (Argentina), and to became the first in the world to successfully introduced nanotechnology to concrete and cementing oil wells. Today, he is also the pioneer in picotechnology – the next generation, a thousand times smaller than Nano.

So far, his outsourcing developments are used in:

Applied to medicine, he has been able to cure patients who had:

Miguel Ferrada Gutiérrez

Licensed of Science with speciality in Chemistry at the University of Chile, previously, part of national swimming team, now photographer and therapist with emphasis on NLP, EFT and Biophysics. 

His main scientific exploration is application of Dzogchen models and healing of illnesses. Miguel is currently developing picotechnology and its application in chemistry and physics. His last development is the building of a General Artificial Intelligence (Conscious) thanks to the application of Metacognition.


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