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MetaThinking for Research & Development

Can my research and development team develop their genius?

Thanks to the advances in science and knowledge around the world, the answer is ‘yes’.

You can get a powerful training in Research and Development with MetaThinking. Our team of scientists, professionals and engineers helps to develop genius beyond borders.

‘Borders’ means to do what is always done, to be who you always are, to think as you always think, to create the way you used to do it.

‘Beyond borders’ refers to the results you will obtain after this training. An example? What we achieved for our Outsourcing clients.

Is such a training possible and those results reachable?

Yes, it’s nothing new. In fact, the major difficulty is to accept that you don’t know everything. The first surprise for the attendees is that since the beginning, they start to experience a different way of doing science, verified by the rapidity of the results and the solutions they start to obtain.

It’s simply the application of the state of art in knowledge.

Thinking, creating, discovering, being are experiences that we can learn, train and inscribe in the organism and the subconscious mind, so that they will be automatically available whenever needed.

Those who know the elite trainings on neurolinguistics programming can get an idea of its viability. The rest of the people should simply experience it.

A company and/or a team of scientists, engineers, research and development professionals decide to go beyond borders when they have or want:

Why would I do that?


Is the image on the left currently describing your team, and/or, Is the image on the right something you would like to achieve?

Before After

Is it realistic to think that my team can do it without a training?

Unfortunately, not. Being intelligent, very intelligent, or even a genius, doesn’t mean you can go further. You will always be yourself and have a subconscious conditioning, dictated by genetics, epigenetics and culture.

In physics a classic example of a genius imprisoned by his beliefs is Albert Einstein, who disliked quantum mechanics for its certainty.

Knowing how to go further is our specialty. That’s why our clients hire us.

Training in MetaThinking, your own team will optimize itself. They will learn how to go further and make developments beyond their subconscious beliefs about what they can or cannot do.

This understanding took us almost 10 years. Now we give powerful tools to the participants of the training, which allow obtaining results since the very first session.

What is the procedure?

First, we observe your team. We study particularities of each participant to design an exclusive program.

The training takes 3 one-day sessions. Your team develop new strategies and patterns in thinking, creating and reflecting, which will allow them to achieve the results of Technologies for Cognition. They start to experience these results since the first session.

If necessary, we will follow the team after until the compromise is fulfilled.

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