Picotechnology (submolecular)

In 2003 we introduced nanotechnology to concrete creating the Gaia nanosilica.

To my surprise, we was the first in the entire world. But already three years later, everyone was applying nanotechnology, and the truth it was already boring.

So I asked myself – using incipient knowledge of what years later I would discover as part of MetaThinking: -What could we do, that everyone was not doing, and that it was even better?

-The next generation!- was the answer.

And I spent the next fifteen years researching what was there, how it worked, what it did, and how else more it could work. (questions that is also part of MetaThinking).


The first three applications of picotechnology: chemical synthesis, sexing of papaya seeds, and identification of mineral veins for exploitation in mines.

As before with nanotechnology, the next generation delivers stratospheric profits and significant cost reductions.

What is it? It is related to what happens with things belonging to the picoscale (10-12mt).

This is three orders of magnitude smaller than a nanometer (and therefore most nanotechnology) and two orders of magnitude smaller than most chemical transformations and measurements.

Picotechnology is submolecular. (That is why it improves the molecular detection with PCR of papaya seeds, and even allows it to be detected in the same seed without needs to wait to the germination).

It is non-destructive. Interacts with the material without needs to crumble, prepare, or concentrate.

It is modular. It allows a series of consecutive measurements to be carried out in the same space without greater complexity.

It provides the same quantum leap as the introduction of the Fourier transform in spectroscopy. (a fraction of a second instead of minutes).


We discovered the technology of «Spacers». Now as Spin-off here.

A short explain: it optimizes the surrounding space (which is full of radiation of all kinds) and is so powerful that it even solves the problems of “Havana syndrome”.

Together with Metacultura medicine, it also solves the health problems that those who lived through it still suffer from.

We know it’s hard to believe but if you have any of the two problems, contact us and we will solve it. Our style is not to “demonstrate” things or do politics, academics, or cultural. We simply fix the problem and charge a win-win price for both parties without explaining how we do it.

Simply because how it works, what it does, and how to make it work is our trade secret (patents are being written), so all I can tell you is a metaphor.

Picotechnology allows you to record the songs of things. Everything is vibrating and singing. Everything has its own characteristic and particular vibration and song. And even having the songs – as in some chemical syntheses – you don’t even need to have the things.