This training differs from the traditional in two points:

I discovered Metathinking three years ago, when I sent a paper to the Journal of Consciousness Studies, and they told me why I did not tell them more about it, that it seemed so interesting, but about which I did not explain too much. (The subconscious presuppositions behind a affirmation that had to be true or false for the affirmation to be true as well, and that were implicit in all knowing.)

It turned out that I had been taking it for granted and it turned out that I hadn’t.

Eventually I started to write more about it, but along the way I realized that if I applied it to some of the scientific problems my colleagues were telling me about, something new could be done! New solutions and answers appeared!

-Let’s see how true it is?- I said, and I applied it to the field of artificial intelligence.

(It turned out that it was quite true, and now QOM: Quanta of Meaning is an artificial intelligence startup that promises 100% artificial understanding of language based on the application of Metathinking to how the mind works – the space of thoughts, before, during and after their emergency-).

Applied to Medicine, it gave the observation: in reality, what is considered Medicine is a culture focused on Biochemistry, of which they do not realize that it is only a culture -a way of considering things -and to make matters worse, they pretend that everything is measured by the same yardstick-. But its not, there are also biological, anatomical, subtle approaches, and many others that respond and use the same scientific method of: observing, predicting, checking, and refining observation and prediction. (I later discovered that in Anthropology, Western medicine was known as the culture of non-culture for the same reason).

As a practical application of this observation, Cognoscible Technologies offers Metaculture Medicine counseling: for people who have a disease that classical medicine says is incurable or that nothing can be done, we sought beyond that culture, alternative forms to achieve a cure with the same scientific rigor of biochemistry. If it exists, we talk to the doctors caring for the person and coordinate that knowledge with them in a way that they can understand, evaluate and consider.

MetaThinking is available as one of the Cognoscible Technologies services.
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